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PaceHeritage sales and distribution strategy is to work closely with channel partners, distributors, resellers and independent franchisees to ensure PaceHeritage products reach each consumer at the same high quality as it left our production facilities whilst creating wealth opportunities for each channel partner

PaceHeritage maintains efficient cold chain supply vehicles and point of sales freezers at each associates’ territory. We encourage our channel partners to motivate youths and young entrepreneurs who believe in creating wealth for themselves and their communities by supplementing seed facilities and providing appropriate advices for their start-ups.


Conditions for approved channel partners: To be approved as a PaceHeritage channel partner (major distributor, distributor or reseller) you must amongst others, meet the following minimum criteria:

Proven success as a distributor of similar or other products.
Good reputation and enterprise driven.
Proper knowledge of territory you want to serve as channel partner.
Have good financial standing with your banker(s).
Have a cold chain or prepare to own a cold room or product storage freezer(s), point of sales freezers at customer location as per the type of distributorship/reseller.
As a Major Distributor you must own or plan to own infrastructures/facilities, cold chain/delivery freezer vehicles and employ appropriately qualified sales associate(s)
As a Reseller you must have at least two (2nos) 500 litres each (or 1,000 litres) storage freezers and a minimum of five (5nos) point of sales chest freezers of a minimum of 300 litres each.
You must have the ability to pay for products in advance for the category applied for.
  * Click here to fill out the electronic Distributor Application Form online.
  * Click here to download a sample Distributor Application Form for your records.

On receipt of your application, we will evaluate your capability to be a channel partner. We will update you on the approval process to ensure you begin your successful journey to wealth creation.  On approval, you will be required to fill out PaceHeritage Distributor Agreement/Contract which will be sent to you.

For any further enquiries you can email us to: